JC Battery, Inc. is a technology company who specializes in the manufacturing, procurement, and fulfillment of superior quality laptop batteries, power adapters, and more.


Laptop batteries

JC Battery laptop batteries are powering the laptops of Fortune 500 Company executives, educators in our children's classrooms, and U.S. Armed Forces men and women at home and abroad. Organizations of all shapes and sizes trust JC Battery.

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power adapters

Our experienced engineers have designed an industrial grade power adapter that is both beautiful in design and rugged in performance. We certify our adapters at the highest levels earning UL, FCC, RoHs, CE, and ISO9001 certificates. We produce stable and powerful adapters that are compatible with every major laptop computer brand.

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Our fulfillment & branding services deliver your customers an unforgettable product experience. All shipments are 100% blind drop shipped. Real-time inventory + API access + branding = You're welcome.

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